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Challenge your brains and hone your mastery of "The Zigzag" in this wretched puzzle game. Witness how a seemingly innocent pair of hapless idiots try to bamboozle the local health inspector to stop him from shutting down a jello restaurant.

But something much more sinister is cooking behind the curtains and even the fabled Forest Imp has his claws on this case...


This amazing {{Citation needed}} remaster of the 2005 mega smash hit will have you salivating on your jorts at the sight of it's High Definition graphics. The immersive gameplay will take you on an emotional rollercoaster of a lifetime. Lose yourself in the bombastic toots of the soundtrack as you puzzle your way towards salvation.


  • 40 levels of intense puzzle base action
  • Teledildonics support for proud gamers
  • Devastating secrets
  • Intriguing narrative
  • Colorful cast of characters
  • Gamepad/Joypad/Controller/Keyboard support
  • Wide variety of puzzling elements


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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PozzoJelloCrusade_v122.exe 19 MB


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I had the old, free version of this game!. It was fun!

Sadly, it was made with gamemaker, and doesn't run on my "new" win7/64bit system.

I would like to ask how improved (number of levels, compatibility, etc.) is this on the old version.

I'm glad to hear you played the original! Laz (who made the original) and me are both old school GM users and this is the remake that no one asked for. There's 5 more levels in total, but over half of the levels have been revamped with new mechanics. I'd say in total there are 20 "new" levels. The game runs in HD now (1920x1080), has all new music, graphics, and a few secrets. This game will certainly run on any Windows 7+ OS.

Thank you for that very comprehensive answer!
While it is obviously difficult for the remakes of small, fine games like PozzoJC to be explicitly requested, surely there will be people out there who are happy when they are made. And I can say the game is definitely worth buying for me.