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Standalone BBall Tactics Minigame - Intended for both B2 Proper and a Multiplayer Game for Mobile.

NOTE: this game is only two-player local multiplayer... it does not have AI to play against.

Basic Rules - 

  • Teams take turn regardless of possession.
  • Centers can drive into the paint for an easy layup or dunk.
  • You can set players to "post-up" which means they automatically do the intended action when they receive the ball.
  • Defenders only try for the ball ONCE per turn, and always at first chance.  Exploit this.
  • There are "formations" active in the game, which when achieved, grant you an additional turn.  See notes.

Some Videos about Gameplay:

BBT Practical Playthrough (1/2) 

BBT Practical Playthrough (2/2) 

BBT UI Mockup

Included are design documents and a "Touch Demo" Prototype from early on.

  • BBT_design01 - this has the basic rules, but note that they have evolved from this original document, some of the math for success rolls have changed.
  • BB_devNotes01 - the working design notes from the programmer, this includes most development decisions including back-end multiplayer work and design.
  • BBT_zaubers - Zaubers are not in this game, but the some of the design ideas are included in here.
  • various other images and working docs...
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AuthorTales of Game's Corp. Corp.


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