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Barkley 2 Janky Demo for Backers and those Interested

This is the demo for Barkley 2, funded 6 and a half years ago, now seeing the light of day. This demo is neither stable, nor without bugs. This is a public demo to show Kickstarter Backers where the game stands and what work was put into what areas.

We have only been cleaning this up for a week, so the game is not in a polished "DEMO" state. You will encounter things in this build that were not intended to be there in the final release.  This represents a "snapshot of development."

Here are some warnings before playing this accursed vidcon:

  • Map connections and teleports are disabled past certain points in the main story. If you can not proceed, the demo content is probably over.
  • There are combinations of gun's that yield diminishing returns. You will either have to get lucky and acquire more gun's, or restart your game.
  • There are known quest logic issues that may make certain events confusing, and in some cases make quests impossible to proceed.
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorTales of Game's Corp. Corp.
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdiaper, schlooter


Barkley2_015300.exe 362 MB

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